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In a range of situations, you can check the source of a website page, especially if you want to know where this specific web page originated; however, the source code explorer will make it easy for you to view the source code precisely.

Webmasters and marketers who are interested in inspecting the source code might like to do so in order to investigate the features of a certain URL by looking at and reading the source code. The rivalry in the internet world has grown more challenging and severe over time. Many websites are being published and put live at any one time. Because a website's code is its foundation, it's essential to update and improve your code continuously.

Why would you like to check out the internet page source? There might be several causes for this; however, you have yet to be able to identify them after doing all the hypothesis testing and analyses for a rival website.




The data and code handled by the server will not be visible when inspecting the source code of a website. A search engine, for instance, processes data on a server before presenting the outcomes on a web page. In all other terms, you may see the source code that creates the results page but not the search engine.

All programming code, SSI, and computer scripts must follow this guideline. As a result, you cannot read the source code of scripts used in chat, newsgroups, surveys, and search engines. Additionally, copying data from the source code can result in problems or return you to the page from whence you copied the data.

These days, you don't need to worry about reaching this goal since this tool precisely solves the issue. You need to provide the website's URL or link; nothing more is required.


Source Code Explained:


The software that powers every website or software is called source code. In the case of websites, anybody may examine this code using various technologies, including your web browser. On Android & apple phones, it's a bit more challenging to do this. It is crucial to examine a website's source code to solve most issues. However, unless specifically approved, we advise against copying the code for your website since this may violate the company's or site owner's copyright.


Reading the source code of a webpage using view-source:


Most of the time, you can read the source code of any website by clicking on the address bar of your browser and typing view-source: followed by the whole URL of the page. On smartphones, in particular, it can be complicated to do this.

When optimizing search engines or SEO, the page source is also beneficial. Only the site's source code is visible to search engines. Your website could not meet the requirements needed by a search engine crawl even though it appears excellent to you. Make it a practice to review the code, paying particular attention to the significant header elements like description and title.


How does this website work?


This issue is resolved by the tool on this page, which enables you to read the formatted source code of every site. Just copy and paste the website's URL above. Next, choose "View source." You may even view areas restricted by your ISP or your country as a bonus.

Please only utilize this tool for appropriate reasons, per our request. We decided to create a tool that would enable you to spy on the source code of any of your rival websites in light of the circumstances mentioned above. So, do you intend to spy today?


Why do website owners and SEO experts utilize this tool?


The Source Code Viewer does not require installation. Because of this, using it produces the required results quickly. Countless users have long used the tool to generate the source code for any page. In this case, they might look at the attributes of those specific URLs to learn more about the features and operation of those web sites.

If you use this service, you can see the source code without having to download anything to your computer or smartphone, regardless of whether you are an SEO expert, website owner, or internet marketer. You may use it whenever and wherever you choose because it is an internet service. It functions wherever you go if you are online. Additionally, there are no fees involved with using the source code reader.


Is there a threat to your online privacy?


Sometimes the government would give the agencies orders to spy through websites and monitor what people are doing. They may want to avoid negative publicity. People also want to protect their internet privacy. This problem is pervasive with social media, which significantly influences how individuals interact with one another online. Utilizing a Virtual Private Network is one of the most straightforward yet polarizing methods.


Getting the source code of a web page:


Reviewing the source code of a page on your website can help you identify and fix any errors it may include. It would be best to start at the top while assessing a new webpage; thus, you should first see the main page's online page source. After that, you should carefully inspect the code and look at each page separately.

You may quickly compare it to another source code by using this strategy and making notes as you learn. You cannot alter a competitor's website while viewing it; you can examine it. Each website's source code is secured; you can browse and read it but can't alter it. Without security, the web would grow so unorganized.




A source code viewer is a tool that will give you access to the source code of your website so you can check out what's happening behind the scenes. We have developed an application that will enable you to get the source code of a website if you are a developer and appreciate anything on a site. You may acquire the whole source of a site by just entering its URL into this handy website page.